Phonak Bolero B Hearing Aid Suite

A hearing loss and tinnitus solution that provides better sound no matter where you are

Phonak Bolero’s B-PR model keeps going and going

Dubbed the “quickest charging rechargeable hearing aid ever” by Phonak, the Bolero B-PR can hold a single charge for up to 24 hours.

Click here for the Bolero B-PR user guide

So, now you can get rid of those hearing aid batteries and enjoy a completely effortless hearing experience.

No manual adjustments

Phonak Bolero B Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are fully automatic hearing aids that don’t require manual adjustment. You can be secure walking into any listening environment knowing your hearing aids will process the sounds around you and adapt to your specific listening situation.

With Phonak’s Bolero B hearing instruments, you may experience up to…

  • a 10% improvement in soft speech understanding
  • a 60% improvement in speech understanding versus not wearing hearing aids

Tinnitus sufferers

People with tinnitus, which is often accompanied by hearing loss, can consider the Bolero B suite of hearing aids as a treatment for annoying ringing, buzzing and hissing sounds.

Since tinnitus means you hear sounds that no one else does and you can’t just shut it off, the Bolero B helps manage your tinnitus by using a noise generator to distract you from symptoms.

When your brain is distracted by the sounds of tinnitus, you can find relief.

Download the Phonak Bolero B Product Overview Guide

Click here to read the Bolero B hearing aid user guide

Even if you don’t have tinnitus, hearing aids specifically designed to manage it may be an option to consider.

With Phonak’s Tinnitus Balance App, you can take control of treating your tinnitus by creating your own sound library right from your Android or Apple smartphone.

4 models in all

Phonak Bolero B hearing aids come in 4 models including…

  • Bolero B-PR rechargeable BTE hearing aids for mild to severe hearing loss. These hearing devices don’t need batteries because they come equipped with built-in lithium ion batteries
  • Bolero B-M BTE hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss. These devices use number 312 hearing aid batteries
  • Bolero B-P BTE hearing aids for mild to severe hearing loss. These hearing instruments use number 13 batteries
  • Bolero B-SP BTE hearing aids for moderate to profound hearing loss. These hearing aids use number 13 batteries

The Bolero is also available in a variety of colours to match your skin tone or express your style.

For more information about this hearing aid or any other hearing solution,click here to contact a Hearing Solutions clinic near you.

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