Phonak CROS B Hearing Aid

The perfect hearing solution for single-sided deafness. Get back into the conversation with Phonak's CROS B hearing devices.

The CROS B solution

Phonak’s CROS B hearing aids are the perfect solution for single-sided deafness.

The Phonak CROS B is a plug-and-play hearing aid that automatically detects what’s in your listening environment and adjusts so that you can focus on what you want to hear, all while reducing background noise you don’t need to hear as much.

The CROS B hearing solution assists people with single-sided deafness by streaming audio to your good ear. It also has the benefit of helping you improve your awareness of the sounds around you, which is important for a more robust listening experience and your overall safety.

Hearing for two ears

Phonak’s CROS B hearing aids provide wearers who have single-sided deafness, improved hearing and speech understanding as if you’re hearing with both ears.

Download Phonak’s CROS B User Guide

You don’t have to worry about having people speak to you on your ‘good side’ anymore.

CROS B hearing aid models

The Phonak CROS B hearing instruments come in 2 models in the Behind-the-Ear (BTE) style.

The CROS B-312 is the smallest of the two models. It’s used in your good ear and can be paired with any Phonak Belong RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) hearing aid. This CROS B model uses a size 312 battery.

The CROS B-13 provides you with an extended battery life and volume control. This hearing aid is used in your good ear and can be paired with a Phonak Belong RIC hearing aid model. This CROS B model uses a size 13 battery.

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