Siemens Sirion 2 BTE Hearing Aid

Comfortable and durable, the Siemens Sirion 2 BTE hearing aid provides easy listening for those with hearing loss.

Keeping background noise at bay

The Siemens Sirion 2 BTE hearing aid helps you hear with better speech understanding by allowing you to focus on the speaker in front of you and not the background noise that can make listening more difficult and be physically draining.

This Behind-the-Ear hearing aid uses an adaptive directional microphone to improve how you hear in environments with a lot of sounds all around you.

Easily adjustable and wirelessly connected

Your Siemens Sirion 2 BTE hearing instruments are easily adjustable with settings that give you the ability to take full control of your hearing.

The easyTek remote also allows you to adjust your hearing aids with the touch of a button.

Read the Sirion 2 BTE hearing aid brochure

For the ultimate in discreet control of your hearing instruments, get the touchControl App to control things like volume and adjust your programs right from your Android or iPhone device. No one has to know you’re making changes to your hearing aids.

Designed with you in mind

With an ergonomic design, the Sirion 2 BTE hearing aid fits comfortably and is built tough enough to withstand your busy lifestyle.

Download the Sirion 2 BTE hearing aid user guide

The Sirion 2 has a nanocoated housing that’s moisture, sweat, dust and dirt resistant to ensure its reliable performance. Protective membranes keep your hearing aid’s microphones from dirt and moisture.

Be confident

Feel confident in your hearing instruments without bothersome feedback. The built-in telecoil allows you to hear sound directly in your hearing aids in venues equipped with hearing loops.

More information

Looking for a custom hearing aid that suits your level of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget? Contact a Hearing Solutions clinic near you for a free, no-obligation hearing evaluation.

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