Signia Ace Hearing Aid

The small hearing aid solution that helps you hear better, no matter where you are. The Ace also offers Tinnitus Relief.

Signia backed by Siemens technology

The Signia Ace hearing aid offers a tiny, barely-there hearing solution that allows you to effortlessly overcome background noise – no matter the listening environment – so that you can focus on hearing the conversation.

Formerly known as Siemens, Signia’s Ace hearing aid is still equipped with Siemens’ renowned technology.

One of Signia’s smallest hearing aids, the Ace is a Behind-the-Ear (BTE) solution that provides power, along with a host of features.

What the Ace hearing aid has to offer?

  • Control the Ace hearing aid’s functions with the miniPocket remote control or the convenient touchControl App.
  • The Ace provides increased speech understanding in noise by letting you focus on the voice in front of you and not the noise around you.
  • Signia’s Ace hearing aid is moisture, sweat, dust and dirt resistant ensuring your investment in your hearing health is tough enough to handle just about any environment.
  • Easily switch hearing programs with a simple push button function.
  • Your Ace hearing aid is easily switched off or on by opening or closing the battery door.
  • Want a new look for your hearing aids? The housing of your Ace hearing device can be easily exchanged.

The touchControl App

As mentioned, you can use Signia’s touchControl App on your iPhone or Android devices to control your hearing programs or adjust volume, bass and treble.

Download the Signia Ace hearing aid product guide

The app is easily downloaded to devices like your smartphone from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

Now you can adjust your hearing aid controls discreetly and easily on your phone as if you were checking your messages.

Tinnitus relief

Signia’s Ace hearing aid is the perfect solution for Tinnitus management. For people that have Tinnitus, the Ace hearing instrument can be a solution to the irritating sounds you hear, either constantly or intermittently, but no one else can.

Static presets and ocean wave Tinnitus therapy signals help provide the distraction your brain needs to help you get relief.

Contact a Hearing Solutions clinic

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