Signia Carat Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The rechargeable hearing solution that also provides Tinnitus therapy in a small, discreet hearing aid. Hear better with hearing aids.

Signia’s rechargeable hearing solution

Tired of having to replace hearing aid batteries?

Signia’s Carat RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) hearing aid offers you longer battery power in a rechargeable device. A longer lasting charge means you can go about your daily routine without having to worry about your hearing aid or hearing loss and focusing on the things you need to get done.

Worry less about background noise

A major concern for people with hearing loss who wear hearing aids is background noise. Signia’s Carat hearing aids make hearing more effortless and less tiring.

The Carat hearing instrument’s SpeechMaster function automatically adjusts and adapts to your listening environment.

So, whether you’re in a crowded restaurant, a packed store or at the office, you can feel confident that your hearing aids will focus on the sounds you want to hear instead of the sounds you don’t need to hear.

Single-sided deafness

Signia’s Carat rechargeable hearing aid is also a great CROS/BiCROS hearing solution for people with single-sided deafness.

By wearing a CROS Pure Transmitter behind the unaidable hear, the device detects sound, then processes it and transmit that sound to the hearing aid on the other side, giving you the ability to hear sounds from both sides.

Tinnitus Therapy

The Signia Carat hearing aid is designed and equipped to offer its wearer Tinnitus Therapy.

If you’re one of the many people who suffer from Tinnitus and hearing loss this hearing solution gives you much more for your investment.

The Carat includes a selection of Tinnitus sound therapy options in one hearing aid.

Packed with features

Signia’s Carat hearing aid has a wide array of features all in one discreet device…

  • Easily stream audio directly from your smartphone or TV using the easyTek™ streamer and easyTek app.
  • The TwinPhone feature means that sound transmitted into one hearing aid also gets heard clearly in the other.
  • Want your hearing aids to have a different look? Ask your Hearing Care Professional to exchange your hearing aid’s housing and select another colour.
  • The Carat’s Battery compartment door allows you to easily switch your hearing aids on or off.
  • Easy volume control right on your device.
  • Signia’s Carat hearing aid is moisture, sweat, dust and dirt resistant.

The convenience of Carat’s rechargeable devices for hearing loss

Not only is the Carat hearing aid rechargeable, it provides its wearer up to 18 hours of daily use.

The Carat’s eCharger charging case refreshes, dehumidifies and recharges at the same time for maximum performance.

An indicator light lets you know that your hearing instruments are ready to use, so you can hit the ground ready and running every day.

Contact Hearing Solutions about Signia’s Carat rechargeable hearing aids

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