Signia Cellion Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The only hearing aid that guarantees up to 24 hours of listening on a single charge. Offering wearers wireless connectivity, the Cellion is a Tinnitus therapy and CROS/BiCROS hearing solution.

The green alternative

Signia’s Cellion rechargeable hearing aid is the convenient green alternative option for people with hearing loss.

The Cellion – built on Siemens’ Primax platform – provides wearers with up to 24 hours of regular use on a single charge, so you can stay focused on your busy day and not about making sure you have extra batteries on hand or your hearing loss.

Next generation Siemens technology

Powered by Siemens technology, Signia’s Cellion hearing aid gets charged using its built-in lithium-ion power cell. Cellion’s lithium-ion power cell is the first of its kind that doesn’t have charging contacts, instead, it uses inductive charging.

Once your hearing instruments are charged, just take them out of their charging station and they automatically turn on and are ready to wear.

Wear Cellion all day

The Cellion is dubbed “the only hearing aids with unlimited streaming that last 24 hours with regular use, without recharging. And if you need to top off, a 30-minute recharge will keep you going for another seven hours!”

Be confident in any conversation with the Cellion rechargeable hearing aid. Using its SpeechMaster™ function, the Cellion continuously analyses every listening situation, automatically focusing on the voices you need to year and reducing background noise.

Less straining, more hearing

When you wear the Cellion rechargeable hearing aid, you’ll enjoy more effortless hearing and be relieved of the strain and fatigue that comes with struggling to hear and understand what’s being said.

The Cellion is packed with features to help you get the most out of your hearing aid and start the journey to improving your ability to hear.

  • Wireless CROS/BiCROS hearing solution for people with single-sided deafness
  • Tinnitus therapy solution with a variety of treatment options for people who experience the frustrating, and in some cases, debilitating ringing, buzzing and hissing in their ears.
  • Exchangeable housing allowing you to change the colour of your hearing aids when you want a new look.
  • TwinPhone function that ensures your telephone signal is transmitted clearly to both hearing aids.
  • No more battery door – your hearing aid features a OneShell design.
  • Your hearing aid is moisture, sweat, dust and dirt resistant.

Stream audio directly to your hearing aids

Your Cellion hearing aids are equipped with wireless connectivity, which means you can stream audio from your devices directly into your hearing instruments.

Using Bluetooth technology, hear clear natural sound directly from devices like your smartphone, TV, tablet or laptop with the easyTek™ streaming device or the easyTek App.

Staying connected to the world is easier than ever with the Cellion for people with hearing loss.

You also have quick and discreet control of your hearing aid functions and volume by using the miniPocket remote or the touchControl™ App on your smartphone.

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