Signia Insio Hearing Aid

The discreet custom hearing solution that lets you focus on life and not your hearing loss. Available in practically invisible hearing aid styles that you can adjust with a app.

Tailor-made hearing aid

The Signia Insio hearing aid is a custom hearing solution that’s tailored just for you. The Insio is almost invisible, giving you the discreet, but powerful performance you need.

Hearing loss can mean being drained trying to understand what’s being said, but the Insio hearing aid makes listening more effortless. Available in a range of styles, you can look forward to a more natural sound.

A hearing aid for every situation

Socially speaking, the Signia Insio hearing aid makes hearing and understanding conversations in the presence of background noise easier by singling out the voice you want to hear, while minimising other sounds around you.

The SpeechMaster function automatically and continuously monitors your listening environment and adapts to reduce the sounds you don’t need to hear while amplifying and focusing on the ones you need to hear.

The Signia’s eWindScreen™ binaural reduces noise from the wind, which can distract your focus from what you actually want to hear.

Feel confident wearing your Insio hearing instruments whether you’re at work, in a busy restaurant, a workshop, a party or anywhere that may be a challenging listening environment.

3 hearing aid models – find out which is right for you

Signia’s Insio hearing aid comes in three practically invisible models. Your hearing healthcare professional will be able to recommend a hearing solution that best suits your level of hearing loss and your needs.

  • Insio ITC (In-the-Canal) hearing aid is equipped with two directional microphones and an easy on and off switch. You can easily adjust volume and its discreet design ensures your ear will be ventilated.
  • Insio ITE (In-the-Ear) hearing aid has 2 microphones for improved directionality. This ITE device features easy manual push-button program adjustments and volume control, along with ensuring ventilation to the ear.
  • Insio CIC (Completely-in-Canal) hearing aid features OneMic directionality providing enhanced directional hearing with just one microphone. Rest assured that you’ll be able to easily remove your hearing aids for the evening or for maintenance with the accessible removal cord. Its exchangeable windscreen protects your hearing devices microphone from wind, dirt and noise. There’s also a vent for ventilation to the ear.

More great features

Your Insio hearing instruments allow you to easily turn your devices off and on, by simply opening and closing your battery compartment door.

Download the Signia Insio product guide

Each Insio model comes with a replaceable waxguard to protect the tiny components in your hearing aids.

Your Signia Insio hearing aid can be controlled using the touchControl App and miniPocket remote control.

Audio Streaming

Be at the forefront of hearing aid technology by connecting your hearing aid to all of your devices and stream audio directly to your Insio devices from your smartphone, laptop, PC, TV, music players and more using the easyTek streaming device or app.

Download the Signia Insio user guide

Insio hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled and allow you to adjust the volume, answer calls, switch listening programs or audio sources with easyTek’s multi-functional device or app.

Using the easyTek app means no one will know you’re discreetly making adjustments to your barely visible hearing aids.

Tinnitus management

If you suffer from the annoying sounds of Tinnitus, which is commonly accompanied by hearing loss, you can easily manage your symptoms using the Insio ITC and ITE’s therapy signals or mixed mode.

Insio’s Tinnitus management feature includes notch therapy with five static noise types and four ocean wave signals that mask help mask the symptoms of Tinnitus.

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