Signia Intuis 3 BTE Hearing Aid

Signia's Intuis 3 BTE hearing aids offer improved speech understanding and control at your fingertips.

Intuis 3 BTE Hearing Aid

Signia’s Intuis™ 3 hearing aid is part of a family of instruments that include Behind-the-Ear (BTE) models.

Intuis 3 hearing aids are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss. Improve every listening experience with comfortable hearing aids that provide clear and reliable sound.

They come in models S, M, P and SP.

Hear AND understand the conversation

The directional microphones in the Intuis 3 BTE hearing aid, means that only the sounds that need amplifying remain the focus of all your conversations.

Focus on the voices you need to hear and not the background noise that can get in the way of good speech understanding.

Easily control your hearing aid

You can easily control your Signia Intuis 3 BTE hearing aid by using the touchControl™ App or the miniPocket™ remote accessory.

With the touchControl App, no one needs to know you’re adjusting the volume of your hearing instruments with your smartphone.

You can also easily adjust programs and volume with the touch of a push button and/or rocker switch.

Hearing loops

Enjoy clearer sound in venues equipped with an induction loop with the Intuis 3 BTE via the telecoil or T-Coil function in the…

  • Intuis 3 M hearing aid
  • Intuis 3 P hearing aid
  • Intuis 3 SP hearing aid

Now get audio at churches, arenas, libraries, etc., streamed directly into your hearing aid for venues with induction or hearing loops installed.

Find out more about Intuis 3 BTEs

Curious about how the Signia Intuis 3 BTE hearing aid can help you?

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