Signia Pure Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Signia formerly Siemens offers Pure - a hearing solution that gives you power and performance in a tiny package. Signia is still equipped with Siemens premier hearing technology, but sports a new name and look. Ask us about Signia hearing aids.

Rechargeable hearing solution

Signia’s Pure rechargeable hearing aids are a small, discreet hearing solution offering you easier listening.

With Pure hearing aids, you can enjoy hearing every detail no matter where you are without having to experience the fatigue that comes with having to strain to hear people’s voices in a crowded restaurant, store, gathering or wherever your busy lifestyle takes you.

Focus your ears

Signia’s Pure hearing aid lets you experience effortless listening with its SpeechMaster feature, which focuses on the voice you want to hear and minimises distracting background noise.

On top of making it easier for listeners to hear and understand speech, Signia’s Pure hearing aid allows you to enjoy music with its HD Music program whether you’re at a concert, at home or performing in front of a crowd.

Features for everyday listening

Treat your hearing loss with hearing aid features that get you hearing again.

  • Adjust the Signia Pure’s hearing aid controls and programs using miniPocket or easyPocket remote controls. You can also adjust your hearing instruments discreetly change your settings by downloading the touchControl App to your personal devices, like your smartphone.
  • Your Pure hearing aid has two built-in directional microphones that work to improve your speech understanding despite the background noise around you.
  • The Pure’s TwinPhone feature transmits telephone signals clearly from one hearing aid to the other.
  • Use the rocker switch on your Pure hearing aids to adjust your programs and volume.
  • Want a new colour for your hearing aid, simply ask your Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist about changing the housing on your device.
  • The Signia Pure hearing aid is moisture, sweat, dust and dirt resistant.

Recharging your hearing aids

With Signia’s Pure hearing aids you can say goodbye to buying batteries for your devices.

Your eCharger charging station not only provides a convenient overnight storage case that charges while you sleep, it also doubles as a dehumidifier, getting rid of any excess moisture built up over the course of the day.

Download the Signia Pure hearing aid product guide

You also have the option of a car adapter so you can make sure your Pure hearing aids stay fully charged when you’re on the go.

Tinnitus relief

If you suffer from what can be the debilitating sounds of Tinnitus and hearing loss, then Signia’s Pure can help you manage it with Tinnitus therapy signals.

In addition, the Pure’s notch therapy has five static noise types and four ocean signals to help distract your brain.

Find out more about the Signia Pure hearing aid

A Hearing Health Professional can speak to you about whether the Signia Pure hearing aid is right for your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

Click here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with an Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist.

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