Signia Silk Hearing Aid

The most discreet Signia hearing aid provides better hearing that's virtually invisible and comfortable.

Signia’s most discreet and convenient hearing solution

Signia’s Silk hearing aid is the ultimate in discreet ready-to-wear comfort that offers the better hearing you need, but no one will ever have to see them.

Made with soft, flexible silicone sleeves, your Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist can simply fit your new Signia Silk hearing aids to accommodate your level of hearing loss, set your personal preferences and that’s it. No custom moulds needed.

Silk hearing aids are powered by Siemens’ Primax Operating System.

Silk hearing aids make listening easier

Signia’s Silk hearing aids may be small but aren’t short on the features. The SpeechMaster™ feature allows you to focus on the speaker in front of you and reduces the background noise you don’t need to hear as much.

It’s been proven that straining to hear what’s being said can be physically and mentally draining. Take the struggle and strain out of hearing with hearing instruments that make listening more effortless.

Single-sided deafness solution

The Silk hearing aid is a CROS/BICROS solution that allows people with single-sided deafness to experience a fuller listening experience by wirelessly transmitting audio signals from one hearing aid to the other.

Tinnitus Solution

Many people with hearing loss also have tinnitus, which is characterised by ‘ringing the ears.’

Now Signia’s Silk hearing instruments offer tinnitus sound therapy options. The hearing aid features five static-noise types and four ocean wave signals.

Wear hearing aids that feature tinnitus sound therapy, which distracts your brain, taking the focus away from the often-frustrating ringing, buzzing or hissing of tinnitus.

Wireless connectivity

The Signia Silk hearing aid allows you to connect to your electronic devices, like your smartphone, tablet or TV. Connecting wirelessly to your devices means that you can stream audio directly into your hearing aids, providing increased sound clarity.

Control your hearing aids with a small remote or discreetly using the easyTek app on your phone.

Stay connected and stay ahead of the game with the latest hearing aid technology.

Smooth as silk

The Silk’s vented sleeve allows proper ventilation to your ear and provides maximum comfort with it’s super soft, silicone Click Sleeves.

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