Starkey Halo Hearing Aid

The made-for-iPhone hearing solution. A revolutionary hearing device.

An iPhone compatible hearing solution

The Starkey Halo hearing aid is a revolutionary device that works with the TruLink Hearing Control app. This hearing aid was designed with your favourite Apple products in mind.

The Starkey Halo hearing aid allows you to stream audio directly into your devices from your…

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch
  • Apple Watch

Take phone calls, listen to music, podcasts, movies, and more with a clearer sound that’s less strenuous.

It’s also Android compatible

Starkey’s Halo hearing aid is also compatible with Android devices, including the Google Nexus, Samsung and HTC One devices.

How your Halo hearing aid makes listening easier

Your Halo hearing aid lets you hear better and more comfortably in noise. The Halo is supported by advanced noise reduction technology.

Download the Halo hearing aid product guide

Download the Halo hearing aid user guide

You’ll also be able to enjoy improved high-frequency audibility. Hearing high frequencies, such as women’s and children’s voices, is made easier by Starkey’s patented technology that replicates sound in lower frequencies.

No feedback

Starkey’s Halo hearing instrument is equipped with what they call “our industry-best feedback canceller.” The Halo eliminates feedback that may lead to a less than ideal listening experience.

With the SoundSpace tool in the TruLink app, you can make minor adjustments to your hearing aids for more complete listening.

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